Sonoff Mini EU - Netherlands No Neutral installation?

Hi All,

I have the following switches 1 single switch (left image) and 1 double switch (right image)

I see it has brown (live) and black(switch wire) wires. I have Sonoff zigbee mini i would like to connect to this. how can i do it ? Anyone from Netherlands have some experience ?

Won’t work with a sonoff mini behind the switches. The left is a single gang, the right is what you dutch call a ‘hotelschakeling’ (but is not, is a ‘wisselschakeling’) You can see if there is space under your light.

Thank you so much uh, unfortunately, no space behind the light. Are there any other alternative options? I can only think of friends of hue switch :frowning: it is expensive and Without a home assistant, it will not work

Not sure if this answers your question. But the last black wire in front of the light can be the input of your sonoff… that way you can keep local control and remote control. It then comes to the physical space you have in the box or light box, or lamp.

If you are handy, you can try to pull an extra blue wire, for the left one it would be easy. For the right one, I don’t know, depends on the layout of the two switches (could be easier to the other switch)

Let me check. I have pull the blue neutral wire from the meterkast ? I also have the same problem with the two way switch as shown below :roll_eyes:

No, there should be a blue wire in your light (or your light would not work). so just look where your switch is coming from, and extend that blue wire to your switch.

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OK let me check the same. Then i think for the two way switch it should be doable as i see blue wire and this is how the setup is for the 2 way switch

that seems ok.

So the zigbee mini will be connected to only the switch 1 correct ? what will be input for the Lin and Lout for the zigbee mini ? Neutral will be blue wire


there is only one neutral required, the two entries are connected.

But the switch 1 does not have brown wire for live it only has blue (neutral) green( ground) and black wires.

Do you have a multimeter ?

No, But i can get one

Let me get that straight : the blue is connected on one side of the switch, the 2 black ones on the other side,
and on the other switch you have 2 black ones and a brown one ?

Yes, in switch 2 it is two black and one brown. but in switch 1 blue is not connected . I have attached the image below with the color wires

Not sure where that wiring diagram is coming from, but wiring it like that is very dangerous:


Never connect the live phase to the outer screw of the lamp socket ! Always connect the live to the central pin, the neutral to the screw. If you wire it the wrong way (like in the diagram) you can easily touch the live when trying to unscrew a blown light bulb, for example.

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That’s a pretty typical 3-way switch diagram. Live is coming in to switch 2 (brown), goes alternatively over one of the two travelers (black) to switch 1, then to the lamp and back over neutral (blue).

I don’t know anything about how Sonoffs are wired (I wouldn’t let one of these things anywhere near my house), but if Francis diagram above is correct and the Sonoff only accepts the external switches as a closed loop on the S(?) 1 / 2 inputs, then you will have to significantly modify your setup to get this to work. You’d need to disconnect the brown phase from switch 2 and run it through the conduit with the two black travelers up to switch 1, to get the Sonoff powered. Then you would need to disconnect switch 1 from the lamp socket and connect it to S1 on the Sonoff. Next, you need to run another wire from switch 2 to switch 1 to complete the switch loop you’d connect to S2 on the Sonoff. Then you would need to splice the neutral behind switch 1 and connect it to the N of the Sonoff and the lamp socket. And finally reconnect the lamp L to the Sonoff output.

Note that this will probably be a code violation, as you would run low and high voltage wires (the brown phase and the switch loop) in the same conduit. Not sure how this is handled in NL, but worth checking in case something goes wrong, like the Sonoff melting and trying to burn down your house, which they have a tendency of doing…

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Hi Francis,

can you help me with the connection ? thanks

Hi Alex,

I will consider you point for the safety thanks