Sonoff Mini light switch not reflecting state after reset

After migrating to UniFi network equipment, two Sonoff Minis and two Shelly1 would not reconnect to WiFi. Sonoff Mini’s had blinking blue lights.

Decided to reset the Minis by holding down the reset button for 40 seconds as I could not connect to them any other way (not even setting up the old router/AP again)

Now the minis are connecting to the new UniFi WiFi. However on reconfigured them to connect to MQTT server they are not behaving.

I can switch them on and off in the Tasmota WebUI but I can only switch them on in Home Assistant. They appear to toggle back off again but the light stays on, or vice versa.

I’m running the latest release of HA and MQTT.

Haven’t even tried to reset the shelly1 yet. To get the Shelly1s reconnecting how to I reset them? And how do I get them configured correctly into MQTT without the above issues experienced with Sonoff Minis?


I forgot SetOption19 1

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