Sonoff Mini/Mini Smart Switch UK ceiling rose cases?

I’ve got a Mini Smart Switch (same as a Sonoff Mini if that’s more familiar), it’s the same size I’m guessing too. 40mm x 40mm, 20mm depth.

It’s too big to fit in the ceiling rose, so I’m trying to look for cheap replacements of the ceiling rose or any alternatives, but having no luck. Wondering how others have solved this or know of cheap replacement ceiling roses?

I’ve seen 3D prints of them, but don’t have a printer and actually haven’t seen anyone sell it (would be an option if it’s realistic price wise).

I’ve used a few of these to house smart switches. Even though they are metal I’ve had no signal issues, have WiFi and ZigBee ones in them.

Yeah, I saw this suggested, but a bit pricy in my opinion (£5.5 for basically a ceiling rose that we need), thanks for the link though.

I found these alternatives, if anyone wants (not actually sure if they actually fit though), I guess somewhere in the ranges of £2 makes sense for a simple plastic one.

HEMMA white, Cord set, 1.8 m - IKEA

and this

Ceiling Plate Round 8/10/12cm Black/White Lighting Accessories For Pendant Lamp Wall Lamp Ceiling Lamp DIY +Lock Wire Lamp Base - AliExpress

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