Sonoff MINI-R2 with 3 "pulse botton" switches

Hi everyone,
the issue in this post has been solved, but I keep it in case someone faces the same issues.

The Problem:

I have connected a Sonoff MINI-R2 between a single lamp.and 3 switches of type “push button”. I have also changed the mode of the MINI-R2 to “pulse mode”. All switches are connected in parallel (these switches were previously connected to a pulse relay without a timer). And I have removed the little lights (like diodes) which were attached to the switches. The attached pictures shows my current connections.

The MINI-R2 toggles the light On or Off successfully every time I use App eWeLink or Alexa, but the switches do not always toggle the light after I push the button. Sometimes I have to push a switch 2 or 3 times until it toggles the light On or Off.

The cause:

The problem lies in the fact that the MINI-R2 reacts on the push of the button. The push button must be pushed then released very-very quickly to have the MINI-R2 reacting correctly, otherwise the toggle of light changes more than once.

The solution:

I have replaced the MINI-R2 with a MINI-R4, connecting it exactly the exact same way, set its mode to “pulse mode” and upgraded its Firmware using the App eWeLink - it works perfectly! The MINI-R4 reacts on the release of the push button, therefore it doesn’t matter how quick or long the push button is pressed.

By the way:
I had a relay that I replaced with the MINI-R4. I have connected the relay back and connected the MINI-R4 between the relay an the the lamp (MINI-R4’s L-out to the lamp snd S1 to the relay at “I” where the lamp wire was), so now the switches snd the light work even if the MINI-R4 loses connection to WiFi.