Sonoff Mini WiFi - Turning off

Installed a Sonoff Mini and now I have something broadcasting a wifi ssid of sonoffDiy - I have my Sonoff Mini in the ceiling and i was wondering before I take it down etc what I need to do to stop it from broadcasting this ssid - if it is at all possible that is!


I don’t think the Sonoff Mini actually broadcasts that SSID does it? i was sure if was the credentials to use to create a wifi hotspot to connect to it so your could flash it OTA.

are you sure you have not created a wifi hotspot and left it on?

Strange behavior. I have 7 sonoff mini’s, and as far as I know they only start broadcasting a sonoffDiy AP signal when you plug the supplied jumper on (and they still run the original ewelink firmware). This could be a good opportunity to flash Tasmota on them (can be done OTA). Then it will stop broadcasting that ssid.

Sorry for the slow response just getting over a heavy cold. I flashed it with EspHome and yet it’s still broadcasting it which is really odd. I think I might take it down and take a closer look. Thanks for your help.