Sonoff Minir4m alternatives?

hello everyone,

On a projet of mine we use 10 sonoff modules.

We need them to be able to control a heating element with a card reader (hotel ON/OFF card reader / presence) …

I selected this device because it’s Matter compatible.
What I was interested to is to have a device that support Thread.

It turns out Sonoff MiniR4M doesn’t have Thread… So they only communicate over Wifi…

Does anyone have an alternative for this product ?
I was wondering about Eltako or Eve but they don’t offer this kind of product…

So you are looking for a Thread based relay essentially. I am not aware that this exists. Since those are on main power, typically there is enough power available to run them with WiFi.

This page has a good overview of devices available on the market: Overview: Devices compatible with Matter | matter-smarthome

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Try looking into Inovelli’s dimmer switches. They offer Matter and Thread versions, and some models can handle a load suitable for heating elements.

Sadly I can’t find them in the EU market + I need them to be implemented in a box closed (like in a drywall for example)