Sonoff not discovered on HA despite connected

Hey guys,

I’ve tried it all…or almost.
I’ve read most of the posts related to this difficulty, but haven’t found a solution so far. I’ll try and share below the context to see if can come to a solution:

|Version |0.118.4|
|Installation Type |Home Assistant OS|

Mosquitto Broker Version: 5.1
Here’s the log, showing that both the sonoff and HA have connected

Sonoff Version: 8.5.1(lite)
Module: Sonoff Pow (6) "I’ve tried R42 as well, but still…nothing discovered on HA
I’ve set it setotion19 to ON

I’ve tried it back and forth, but nothing.

I appreciate any help.


Found the solution, in my case:

The firmware upload onto the sonoff cannot be a lite version. So I did upload a minimal version and then upgraded to tasmota.bin.
If you try to upgrade from lite to tasmota.bin, you may run into a buffer miscompare type of error.