Sonoff NSpanel Pro Local + eWelink devices not working

I have upgraded my panel to 3.1 and included 3 subitems (R5-Scene controllers).
Devmode is active and i have sideloaded HA.

When using the std eWelink on the NSpanel all my devices are online and can be used. Even thru HACS eWelink integration.

But, when launching the local HA the Nspanel gets disconnected (including the subitems), its like the Ewelink app times out. Zigbee network gets disconnected.

  • Can the NsPanel Pro be added to HA (zigbee?) as a device wo using the HACS integration?
  • Can the Nspanel Pro be running the HA local but still have the Zigbee Hub up and running to get my R5 devices connected? I know about the router mode but then the
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