Sonoff NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch by ITead "coming soon on Kickstarter"

If so I assume the ESP32-C series or ESP32-S series. Probably ESP32-S2/S3 with a USB touchscreen.

Espressif recently posted this video demoing a few applications can develop using ESP32-S2 with USB:

Alternatively, they also have ESP-LCD multimedia Smart-Control Solution, like ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1

Seems like a lot of information has now leaked via this FCC certification (FCC ID 2APN5NSPANEL):

There is the user manual, test report, internal and external photos, etc. and more.

Looks like a model each for Europe and North America; “NSPanel-EU” and “NSPanel-US”. It also contains a temperature + humidity sensor and two integrated relays for 220V/300W or 110V/150W respectively, so assume that it is also meant to be able to act as a HVAC thermostat control panel too.

@digiblur Sounds as if you got one for review? Maybe already flashed it with ESPHome or Tasmota?

At least you mentioning this in your reddit post indicate that;

They designed it to be flashed to be honest. Efuses are not burned (at least on the one I have) and pin headers are stupid easy for a solderless flash.

I have esphome running on it, but still struggle to find the IO’s used for display, ntc and relays. For now I only have 1 switch :rofl:


I now have all switches and relays working, but GPIO 16 and 17 for TX/RX for the (nextion?) display won’t work.

Everything points to this display being a nextion display, but esphome does not recognise it as such.

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We have published our ‘first impressions’ including a first esphome config. Sadly the display and the NTC temperature sensor are not working yet.



I am not a C/C++ programmer so wonder if the ESPHome (and Tasmota) firmware for ESP32 be made to support Nextion touch-screen displays via Itead’s “iteadlib” library?

As I understand Nextion displays as its own integrated MCU so that all text and graphics, animations, etc. are created using Nextion Editor software, and then then the project files/assets are uploaded directly into the Nextion screen. The screen then has serial commands mapped to UI elements and can be sent and received from ESPHome firmware to control it. So the Nextion display’s own MCU off-load most of the heavy lifting, or is that incorrect?

And to also add an easy-to-use UI for file upload to Nextion displays to ESPHome could maybe base it on something like this ESPNexUpload?

Kickstarter campaign is now live and early bird price is about $54 (while the MSRP is listed as $75):

Many tech review bloggers seem to complain on its lack of integrated motion sensor and I like to also add request for its temperature sensor to be replaced with a temperature and humidity combo sensor.

Hope that ITead will replace the DS18B20 sensor with AM2301 or Si7021 as should add much cost.

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esphome can already do all of that. The issue is that we can’t get the display to work.
Nextion TFT LCD Display — ESPHome Display
Nextion TFT LCD Display — ESPHome .tft file upload

    - service: update_nextion
        - lambda: 'id(display1)->upload_tft();'

  baud_rate: 0

  id: uart_1
  tx_pin: GPIO17
  rx_pin: GPIO16
  baud_rate: 921600
  - platform: nextion
    id: display1
    uart_id: uart_1
    tft_url: https://your_ha_url:8123/local/nextion/display.tft
    brightness: 25%
    lambda: |-
      it.set_component_value("gauge", 50);
      it.set_component_text("textview", "Hello World!");

Our config also has this configuration in it:


FYI, openHASP (HA SwitchPlate HASPone fork) andf HA SwitchPlate HASPone are two other existing firmware for Espressif microcontrollers which does not look to rely on iteadlib library and yet apparently support Nextion/TJC/STM32F4 HMI touchscreen / scene display controllers and ESP32 or ESP8266. openHASP at least instead rely on the lvgl graphics library.

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Got this in an email from them…

Nextion HMI Project Upload Protocol


That enabled us to add the NTC and buzzer during the lunch break, but I’m afraid the display is doing something funky. I will contact Sonoff about that :frowning:

Check for more…

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Double check that baud_rate, maybe? :slight_smile:

£45 for the UK. (inc Shipping)

@blakadder is doing a full teardown and has managed to get the Nextion screen type after issuing the upload protocol sequence:

comok 2,30614-0,NX4832F035_011C,48,61744,16643401829EF850,16777216

This means its a Nextion Discovery 3.5” NX4832F035 (Datasheet).

Over at the Unofficial Nextion/TJC User Forum discord we’ve been making some discoveries:

  • The stock firmware serial baudrate is 115200
  • The stock firmware has Protocol Reparse and Address Mode activated
  • You have to put the Nextion into passive mode to processes serial data according to the Nextion Instuction Set

I’d be more interested in seeing a version without the A/C side components and powered by USB. This would make a great HMI unit and provide more flexibility for mounting.

That should be easy enough to make actually, or for them to produce as the powerside (relays, filter etc) are on a separate board from the esp and display, there are even 5v and 3v3 headers on the board so it could be powered directly.

All it would need is something like a 3D printed rear case and a USB port extended or something to make it in to a self contained USB powered display, lot of options I’m sure.

Can’t wait for mine to turn up, managed to snag 2 in the early bird sale

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Since the design is modular it would be relatively easy to connect a USB using the headers.

During testing I was powering it straight from 5V using them and no issues.


Thats great news, since i do not have 110V/230VAC in my sockets. I have KNX cables with 24VDC. So i could decide to run 5VDC rail instead, or keep 24V and a DC/DC converter in each wall socket. Currently i have no wall switches, so i am planning to buy 20 pieces of this panel for all sockets in my house.

Sure, you can take out the relay unit from the metal frame and replace it with a custom solution including a DC stepdown converter and a header to plug the touch plate in