Sonoff official vs sonofflan

Hi there,

I can’t seem to find anything on this forum or on internet comparing the official HA integration from sonoff - How to Add Your SONOFF Devices On Home Assistant - SONOFF Official - and sonofflan.
Has anyone tried the official integration? I haven’t used sonofflan before so keen to hear some views


I tried it quickly when i bought Dual R3, i also tried HACS plugin which is better than original stuff, but i ended up flashing with tasmota. I don’t like the fact that showed data is pretty basic and that you can’t do anything with them except what’s factory set.

Otherwise i use ESPHome on all my sonoff’s. I have sensors on them, additional I/O’s…
I like the fact that i get all control over them and i program them exactly the way i wanted them to be. I’ll flash my DualR3’s with ESPHome, too, as soon as they will be supported (hopefully they will be).

I’m using the Sonoff device’s unmodified together with the HACS SonoffLAN integration.

433MHz bridge with several CD100S door sensors
Several TX wall-mount three-way switches
Several Basic R3 switches
Several MINI switches
Several S26TPF wall outlet plugin switches

It all works fine for me, no need to modify. All the functions just do it’s work, no delays, no misses…

It’s quite ok if you use it “out of the box”, sure. I have BME280 sensor on some of them, then MCP23017, SHT31, inputs for automatic door state (open, close, moving)… none of this is possible without changing FW.