Sonoff pow elite reporting wrong "power" usage

the story:
one of my old SONOFF pow r2 couldn’t stand the heat of my coffee maker, and burned out (just a little shy of 3000 watts on a 220V AC).
no big deal, just a little aroma of “cocked plastic” in the kitchen, and a good opportunity to replace it with the newer ‘pow elite’ unit i had preordered (the one with the small screen on it for watching the current and consumption live).
A much better unit, no doubt - better built quality and not just cause the front panel, but mostly for better contactors to handle all this current.

the problem:
but… though the ewelink app and the screen on the unit shows proper reading, HA shows something else. instead of showing the usual 2,800’ish power consumption, i get 283,206’ish reading.
that will definitely mess up my “energy” usage dashboard…
other thing - it takes much longer for it to update compare to other sonoff units i have (pow, thermos etc)
this is my first unit, so i am trying to figure out is it ‘a bad unit’, or some kind of bug in HA integration, or maybe bad firmware or bad ewelink implementation due to the relative newer model.
can anyone share similar experience?

i use hacs sonoff integration:
with this yaml cod:

  username: !secret sonoff_usr
  password: !secret sonoff_pwd
  force_update: [temperature, power]
  scan_interval: 60 #'00:05:00'  # (optional) default 5 minutes
  sensors: [temperature, humidity, power, current, voltage]
  reload: always  # update device list every time HA starts

in the pic:
triplet - sonoff pow r2 that works fine
coffee - sonoff pow elite with messet-up reading in ha.

got fixed with latest hacs sonoff lan v3.2 on 3rd sep 2022

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