Sonoff Pow R2 embedded washing machine phases detection

I use a Sonoff Pow R2 to monitor my washing machine activity in Home assistant; traditional approach to do so is to decode washing phases using Home assistant sensors/templates. Thanks to ESPHome firmware this can be easily made directly in the Sonoff Pow R2 cleaning up Home assistant configuration. Five binary sensors (RUN, WASHING, CENTRIFUGE, DRAIN, END) are automatically exposed by the Sonoff Pow to Home assistant frontend.

RUN or END sensors can be easily used in Home assistant automations to send messages to Telegram or Google home etc. to warn that the cycle has ended.

Project here:
11/05/2020: added v.1.1 version


looks really cool, is there a plug and play version of Sonoff Pow R2 so I don’t have to mess with wiring

Yes you can use several smart plugs esp8266 based (also where tuya convert can be used). You can check here looking for plugs with energy monitoring inside:

thanks for sharing. i just made this as my first esphome project. works great.

I use the same… and have to say it works really great. Now searching for the same thing only for the tumble-dryer.