Sonoff Pow - Setting Power metrics as switch attributes


I have a sonoff pow running tasmota with the following configuration

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Sonoff Pow 03"
  state_topic: "stat/sonoff_pow_03/POWER"
  command_topic: "cmnd/sonoff_pow_03/POWER"
  payload_on: "ON"
  payload_off: "OFF"
  optimistic: false
  qos: 0
  retain: false    

What I’d like to achieve is to get all its power attributes as the sensor attributes and not as new sensors by themselves; I already tried using MQTT discovery but the results were bad - many sensors were created and no one but the switch reflected real values

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Ohad , i am using the POW with Node red the MQTT values are
what friamware are you using? for tasmota… see below


i am using openhab as the Hub so i cant help you more then that
look at Dr ZZ video i think his using the POW with HA

PS: i started working in Dalet , i am eggier to meet you :slight_smile: