Sonoff RF 433MHz Bridge R2 - How to flash ESPHome on this new RF bridge?


How to flash the new Sonoff RF 433MHz Bridge R2 with ESPHome?
Link to this new RF 433MHz Bridge from Sonoff

It takes the same tasmota template as the old ones, so I guess for ESPHome it is just the same. Just no portish at the R2.

Can you provide some links about how to do it? For tasmota and esphome? As far as I read, the tasmota firmware is not compatible with this new device?

You can’t flash portish on the new bridge, but Tasmota works fine.

Awesome. I got trick by the tasmota wiki just saying portish is not compatible and nothing else.

Ok, just read what the portish firmware is for.
Does that mean that with plain tasmota I can only use the RF bridge for regular sonoff devices? I can’t learn generic RF signals and repeat them without that firmware?

Maybe is the answer for that. Portisch opens up options for other protocols (and byte lengths) than the standard Sonoff RF firmware can see. It isn’t limited to Sonoff devices without Portisch, just more standard/simple protocols. For instance, I have some 3rd party two-way door sensors that could be seen without Portisch fine, but an RF remote that needed it to be seen (and RFRAW mode too).