Sonoff RF and broadlink RM pro integration

I bought a WiFi switch which can be controlled with a physical RF remote controller and via Alexa and Google home through broadlink RM pro+. I also have a tasmota-sonoff RF bridge. I wanted to get the RF codes send by the physical remote using the sonoff RF console but nothing is captured. I’m sure that the physical remote controller is sending out RF signals but maybe it’s in a different frequency. I there a way to control my WiFi switch using home assistant via any way I can? I don’t have home assistant cloud so I can’t use Alexa or Google home. Thank you

is there a way to intercept the RF sent by the remote controller to the broadlink RM Pro so i could use it on my sonoff RF? my broadlink RM is very very unreliable as it is 90% of the time unavailable or disconnected from my local network

The number of protocols the Sonoff RF bridge supports is limited. So it may not be possible. That is why i have two Sonoff RF bridges and two RFlinks. The Rflink supports more protocols.

what is a RFlink?

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