Sonoff rf bridge alternative for both sending & receiving 433mhz?

Looking for suggestions on above.
I have a broadlink RM3 Pro which can send but not receive 433mhz, I’d like to replace it with something that does both so I can receive data from sensors also without running additional hardware.
Search turns up mostly the sonoff RF bridge but the latest hardware revision doesnt seem to be applicable any more.
Is there any off the shelf products that are of a similar price range?

Since your Broadlink already sends , just add An RTL -SDR to receive.

Appreciate the suggestion, but am ideally looking for a single device that can do both to replace the broadlink.
Low on USB ports on my HA machine and it’s not in a great position for signal if I were to locate the SDR there.
But that with a Pi will be my fallback solution if there’s nothing else.
Trying to avoid having further devices about the place if possible.