Sonoff RF bridge needs 2-3 presses to react

I have a Sonoff RF Bridge paired with several wall switches (different types and brands). Most of the time, I have to press twice or three times for them to react - not always but most of the time. They’re less than 6 meters away from the Bridge. IIRC this was the case even when the switches were paired directly to other RF devices such as Sonoff Slampher.

Is this a flaw inherent to RF 433 technology? Thanks.

What happens when you move the bridge closer to the switch? 433Mhz receivers are terribly sensitive to interference.

RF 433 is one way traffic, it does not have a back channel to report if it switched on or not. So your wall switches can’t know if your light turned on or not. So yes,I would say it is a flaw inherent to RF 433 technology. Although all my RF 433 devices work reliable.

I was having some 433 delay so i got a other RF Bridge place it other side of house with the same MQTT topic they working heaps beater

It’s literally few meters AND line of sight, that probably shouldn’t be it. Thanks anyway!

Thanks guys, I’ll probably just replace the 433 stuff with Zigbee (mostly Aqara/Xiaomi) switches, those work well for me.

Have you tried relocating the RF Bridge? 433 mHz stuff is easily susceptible to interference.