Sonoff RF Bridge not seeing 433mhz sensor

Hi Guys
I have a Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with Tasmota and working fine. I just bought a new 433mhz door sensor however when I open / close door sensor , the code does not reflect in the Tasmota console ? Its a 433mhz sensor ?
Any reason why the RF bridge is not seeing the door sensor even though they close together.

Sonoff RF bridge only picks up certain 433Mhz signals, and it is very limited. If you have a device that is not being picked up, then you need to flash the RF chip in the bridge with the Portisch firmware.

GitHub - Portisch/RF-Bridge-EFM8BB1: Alternative Firmware for the Sonoff RF Bridge EFM8BB1 chip

Please note that this firmware is the firmware of the RF chip only, not the device itself. You still use Tasmota for the device.

Personally, I try to buy devices that use EV1527 encoding.

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Thanks for advice, can you advise a Device that supports EV1527, would this find the majority 433Mhz devices ?


Hi, all the devices below identified with a compatible modules = SRFB are compatible with Sonoff RFBridge without changing the EFM8BB1 firmware (the communication module chip):

particularly the low-cost chinese ones.

The 2 possibilities for extending the RF Bridge compatibilities are:

The direct hack enables to support these protocols through Pilight

The EFM8BB1 flash enables to support this list of protocols

Door/window sensors that support different codes for open, close and low battery - 1/3/6/10pcs Wireless Door Window Sensor 433Mhz Magnet Detector Wifi Door Opening Sensor for G90B Plus Home Security Alarm System|Sensor & Detector| - AliExpress

Smoke detectors - SmartYIBA Battery Powered 433MHz EV1527 Wireless Smoke Sensor Detector Alarm works with Sonoff RF bridge for Alarm System|wireless smoke|wireless smoke sensorsmoke detector alarm - AliExpress

Physical switches used to toggles - VHOME Smart Home RF 433MHz 3Gang Wireless Switch Shape Remote Control for Touch Wall Lightes Electric Curtains,Home Automation|remote control|remote control controllercontrol remote - AliExpress

If you are purchasing through AliExpress or BangGood, then include “EV1527” in your search.