Sonoff rf bridge R2 V 2.2

I have the new Sonoff RF Bridge R2 V 2.2 flashed with Tasmota but with the original RF firmware.
This is working and I receive the signal from PIR motion detector.
The problem: there is a 2 sec delay between the moment the sensor sees motion and the bridge receiving the signal (red led) and immediately sending the MQTT signal (blue led).

Now my question:
If I perform the HW hack will this solve the problem of the ddelay??
Anyone an idea about this, any expierience?

Thanks in advance.

It seems the sensor is just waiting for 2 seconds before sending the signal.

Is there a way (SW or HW or both) to capture the RF signal?

Sure, if you have an oscilloscope :wink:

Does the PIR offer some sort of feedback, like a LED? Some PIR’s also have dedicated relay outputs that get switched when motion is detected which could work as a make-shift feedback method (for instance checking continuity with a multimeter).

PIR has a led which goes on by motion detection and stays on for about 1,5 secs.
And, stupid me, now I see that the bridge received the RF signal at the moment the led goes off.
Seems you are right the sensor waits 2 a while before sending the signal or the bridge is processing the signal after the signal stopped.
Now the next question: is there a possibility to solve this?

It depends on the sensor, sometimes there are some configuration options (mostly in the form of potentiometers on the PCB).

Nothing of that.
But quoted from the tasmota website:
“The RF chip has its own firmware. The device is shipped with Itead firmware which supports a limited set of RF devices limited to mostly just Sonoff devices (a single 24-bit RF protocol). Some later versions of the factory firmware will only relay received RF data once the transmitting device stops.”

So now my original question:
will the HW hack solve this delay problem??

If you think that the PIR starts sending immediately, and the issue is with the factory firmware waiting for the transmission to end before relaying the RF data, then it probably will, yes.

I’ll investigate this further on and let you know the outcome.
Thanks for the help