Sonoff RF bridge reset to defaults and q on redundancy

A few days ago, something odd happened; my 1 week old sonoff rf bridge, flashed with tasmota, stopped working. After a bit of investigation, I found it was no longer connected to my wifi and broadcasting its own SSID; so I connected to it, and it was “blank”, as if I just flashed it. No module or template configured, no wifi, no mqtt. I have no idea how this could have happened? It was powered through a USB hub connected to my PC, which might be a bit dodgy, but could that really wipe it clean? How would I wipe it clean if I wanted to?

This is only part of the reason Im asking the next question; is there is a “simple” way to use 2 bridges? Partly to increase range/coverage partly to avoid something like this happening again. In my current setup it would probably be ok to have both bridges just being configured to the same mqtt topic, duplicating every event (for motion or door sensors I dont really see the problem), but when using rf remotes that toggle things on or off, of course that would be a problem.

I suppose I could configure one with a different mqtt topic, and then in HA or node red handle the redundancy but that would involve quite a bit of code to avoid double events. Ideally this would be handled either by the tasmotas themselves by having one work in failover mode, or the the mqtt broker somehow merging 2 topics. Is there a clever way to do this?