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Sonoff RF Bridge with Tasmota and Portisch firmware - how to HA


Hi, I have a Sonoff RF Bridge installed with Tasmota and Portisch firmware. I have the B1 code from my RF Doorbell, converted that into RFRaw (RfRaw AAB01D030201C203AC0C1C28090918181818180918090909090909181809180955) using the BitBucketConverter.py file. So if I take the RFRaw and paste that complete into the FR Bridge console, it rings my doorbell, which, for me is a great achievement. But, I would like to use that in Home Asssitant, so when someone rings the doorbell, I get the B1 code in FR Bridge, I can use that in Home Assistant to do ‘something’. I know I have to send an MQT message or soemthing to HA, but could someone show me how to do this, or pint me in the right direction please?


I have same question here. Finally got portisch flashed and I can sniff some buckets. Got the B1 codes, and have them converted to B0 codes. So far so good. But thats just the transmitting part…

When my doorbell rings (the normal physical button is pressed) I dont see any codes in the console. Does the RF Bridge need to be in some kind of mode to receive codes?


I’m stuck with this problem as well. Can anybody help?
I need a working example of an HA component that use the B0 rfcode as payload to open/close my garage door.


Also running into the same problems not being able to store the raw code on the RF-Bridge or pass on the Raw data via mqtt to then make automatons dependent on the codes. Any help would be great also!


Right, I’ve struggled the whole of the eastern weekend with this, and (god’s have mercy) I’ve finally got it working.

This is a snippet from my light.yaml

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Ledstrip Bureau”
    command_topic: cmnd/DVES_DBBF83_fb/backlog
    qos: 0
    payload_on: “rfraw AAB04C04140122099C04B028DC01020000020002020002000002000202000002000202000200020000020200020000020002000200020002000200020002000200020002020000020002020000020355; rfraw 177”
    payload_off: “rfraw AAB04C0414012209A604BA28D201020000020002020002000002000202000002000202000200020000020200020000020002000200020002000200020002000200020002000200020002020000020355; rfraw 177”

Using this I can control the light.turn_on/off service of this device.
Switch’s and sensors probably works the same.

The only problem I currently have is that I have no way of reading the last state, so that I can use the state_topic option of the configuration. I hope that you guys can use this to get your own devices working.

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