Sonoff RM433 remote

I purchased this RM433 Sonoff remote with 8 buttons in the hope that i could match this to any 8 functions in home assistant.
I got also an RF-gateway and the Sonoff bridge flashed with tasmota.
But when i press any button it sends the very same code for all of them.
Any idea how to use it, or make it suitable for my usage?


Ok. Just answered this to myself. I did a mosquitto_sub and this showed some little difference between the codes (and of course that’s enough to distinguish between them):

{"time" : "2019-06-14 15:06:00", "model" : "Smoke detector GS 558", "id" : 29, "unit" : 15, "learn" : 0, "code" : "c003af"}

2019-06-14 15:06:00
{"time" : "2019-06-14 15:06:02", "model" : "Smoke detector GS 558", "id" : 29, "unit" : 15, "learn" : 0, "code" : "a003af"}

2019-06-14 15:06:02

i am also having a remote from i ifan03 , how can we use for other entities in HA ?

what type of rf receiver can i use to make it work ?

@iz3man How did u make this work?

I have a RM broadlink gateway… But I think it just learn the IR from sonoff remote control… it dont look that… some how… it will always know that I press some button on sonoff remote control…

So… when you press some button, who listen? And how it listen in HA? Is it using the gateway or the bridge?

Thanks a lot!

@camnop I’m sorry. But I couldn’t even remember my posts :slight_smile: Ditched that remote loooooong ago. Sorry can’t help.

I’m pretty sure what you are saying is right.

I think the Broadlinks can only learn and send commands. They can’t continuously listen for them. I found my Broadlink RM pro+ could learn and send a large variety of RF codes.

The Sonoff RF bridge can learn, listen and send RF commands. However my experience was it could handle fewer protocols, and depends on what firmware you have flashed. It seems good at learning most cheap RF remote codes.

I have both and use them for different purposes.

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That’s what I was saying! You were very clear, thanks!!

Do you know if I can use Sonoff RF bridge with my sonoff door sensor (RF) and my sonoff motion sensor (RF)?

I made a mistake buying these devices… I thought it would be WIFI or Zigbee… but it is RF and I’m not using it since I have bought them.

Yes, you can.