Sonoff S26R2ZB not able to pair

Hi there.
I got this device few days ago. I already have zigbee coordinator CC2531 implemented in HA and few devices connected.

Few issues here with S26ZB:

As this is pretty new device, I can not find much info on internet…

Do YOU :slight_smile: maybe have some more info or can you redirect me somewhere… :slight_smile:

What integration are you using ?

only lists tasmota (tasmota2zigbee)

Zigbee2mqtt is not supported yet

don’t know about ZHA.

Thank you Francis.
I am with ZHA right now, but open to use any other integration which is gonna be recommended to me. Already have 30+ WiFi devices, but was wondering how ZB is working.
So what integration would you recommend?

Can’t recommend anything. I’ve been using Zigbee for over 2 years, but never used anything but Zigbee2MQTT (although I have a board for use with zigbee2tasmota, but never got much done but setting it up.)

Any news on ZHA integration for the Sonoff S26R?

S26R2ZB working fine in ZHA here, with a Tasmota/ZBBridge as coordinator

Zigbee2MQTT is listed as supported but it just comes up as unsupported. I also have zigbee coordinator CC2531

Discussion about bug in firmware here →