Sonoff SBZB-02 sensors with Skyconnect?

I have a bunch of Sonoff SNZB-02 temperature/humidity sensors that I was using with HA via a deConz/Phoscon/Conbee II setup until recently. For a year or more they worked well, with just the occasional new battery needed. But gradually they stopped reporting and despite fresh batteries, re-pairing, etc. they became too unreliable.
So I swapped out the Conbee II for a Skyconnect dongle with ZHA and hey-ho, they still aren’t behaving.
I am also having trouble with a couple of Xiaomi Aqara temp/humidity/pressure sensors, with similar symptoms, and a Samotech SM316 device. The only ones that are working are newer Sonoff SNZB-02D devices (with displays), though even these are less than ideal because they update much less frequently and with coarser temperature changes.
I suspected radio interference but switching around channels on the Skyconnect and on my WiFi access points hasn’t improved the situation.
Any advice or comments for possible solutions to this? With temperatures dropping as we move into winter, I need reliable temp sensors to control heaters etc.

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I would start here: