Sonoff shutter

Hi, I have several dual r3 sonoffs

I was able to get this result
Immagine 2021-12-26 155311
Immagine 2021-12-26 155340

But I want to be able to add a bar like in this photo where I can choose the percentage

Anyone know the yaml code to have that function?

In addition, is there a way directly on the home assistant to set the shutter to 50% when it is visually halfway?

For example, on eWeLink it is shown that the shutter is at 74% and is visually halfway, but in the home assistant I want him to read this 74% as 50%, so when I say “Ok google, shutters at 50%” visually aims them in half

I know that with the tasmota firmware it is easier to set you which half, but that firmware has several problems and is complicated