Sonoff SNZB-01 Action: Empty string("")

I have a problem with my Sonoff SNZB-01 switch.
I succesfully paired the switch to Zigbee2mqtt. It shows up in the list with the other devices.
Battery level, link quality and voltage shows up fine but when i press the button on the switch the output of action is ‘Empty string("")’
See image below

What could be the problem?
I am new to home assistant so i don’t really know where to look.
I am using a Zigbee CC2531 usb dongle.

Hi Rpha,
Did you ever get a solution to your problem?

Im having the same issue. Also wondering if you found the cause?

This is what I have for my SNZB-01’s, yet they work, double and single click:


Any new information on this issue? I’m also getting an empty string for all click types.

I checked the same button again:

Even though now I also have this Empty string action, my automations (single & double click, long press too but with another one) do work.
So it seems this is not the reason that there is no response…

same for me. Do you have logs in Z2M?
I have no logs in z2m but the switches seems to work fine in HA…