Sonoff SNZB-02 Temp Sensor Reporting Interval

Why report when there is no “really” change from the sensors? This will only drain your battery.

The Xiaomi sensors (I use 9 temp/hum sensors of them) reports only by increase/decrease values. This means in some rooms I have sometimes a reporting of every 2-3 hours :slight_smile:.

You can also try to breathe your sensor. Mine then responds after a few seconds.

Maybe the Sonoff reacting the same way like the Xiaomi sensors?

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I’m looking for help on controlling the reporting interval as well.

I’m using the Sonoff SNZB-02 temp sensor with ZHA using the sonoff Zigbee CC2531 USB Dongle.

My SNZB-02 temp sensor is chewing through about 3% of the battery a day. At this rate I’ll need to change the batteries once a month.

I’m assuming there is a way to control how often it reports the temperature / humidity back?

Any help appreciated - Thanks

Did you ever fix this? I’ve experiencing exactly the same thing. These also seem to disconnect from the dongle every now and then as well :frowning:

Could be the Radio implementation. Not had an issue with Conbee II on ZHA with these devices. I have two of them.

Thanks for the reply. I moved to a USB extension cable and that has fixed everything up. I’ve since been watching my two battery %'s count up every day for the two temp sensors while it’s correcting itself.

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@AndySM Did you resolve the interval reporting issue? I use the sensor with zigbee2mqtt and receive frequent reportings, however, the value changes only each hour, so my temperature chart looks like a staircase.

Hi, I have the exact same problem!
The sensor reports its values quite often (seem for every significant change in humidity; in every couple of minutes), but the temperature is constant for like ~1 hour and changes only on a step of ~0.6 degree.
This is waaay to long\big step for a proper and precise heating controlling…

I also use zigbee2mqtt so theroretically some parametrization could be done, but I have no idea what\how. Help would be appreciated!

Agree, the humidity sensor updates very frequently, but the temperature does not (or only on as you noted on a quite high threshold). I don’t think thats a thing that can be configured but it takes away value from the sensor for sure.

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I am not impressed by the Sonoff zigbee devices. I got excited when they were released however after using them for a while, less than happy.

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Got the same problem, temperature is reported each hour, while humidity each change of state. Using SNZB-02 with CC2531 and zigbee2mqtt. Someone got solution how to fix it ?

I’m using latest Home Assistant (0.118.3) with ZHA and can confirm I see the same behavior. Humidity is updated OK, pretty frequently (every minute or less), temperature very rarely compared - every 15 minutes or sometimes 1 hour. See image from grafana.


I have same problem. SNZB-02 with CC2531 and zigbee2mqtt.
Does anyone have an idea?

Two days ago, I updated HA from version 0.118.2 to 0.118.4. I have the same problem now. Please do you have a solution? A temporary solution may be to downgrade to 0.118.2. But only in case of emergency :slight_smile:

Looks like zigbee2mqtt update to version 1.16.2 fix this issue.

What’s your refresh rate for temperature with that version? I’m using ZHA, updated everything to latest version and everything is still the same.

update interval is 30 min now, problem still occur, sorry for wrong msg

I am also having the same problem, see the staircase in my temperature readings:

Has anyone got in touch with iTead about the temperature issue? Does it report more frequently with the Sonoff hub?

@Morphy I’m using SNZB-02 sensors with a Sonoff ZigbeeBridge tasmotized and ZHA and I can confirm it works the same crappy way: humidity reported frequently ( as it should ) but temperature has an interval of 15 to 60 minutes. Something’s definitely broken…

Is it faulty :frowning: ?
In my premises temperature does not change so rapidly :slight_smile:
Not willing to detach sensors and run around but in my case TH01 reports at interval of 2 min if temperature delta is 0.1°C- that is with ZHA via Tasmotised Sonoff Zbridge.
Best and happy coming 2021, JR