Sonoff SNZB-02 Temp Sensor Reporting Interval

Just started using ZHA as I am adding some zigbee devices to my setup. The ease of getting sensors into HA is great. First project is to replace some room thermostats. I am trying to to this with the new SNZB-02 from Sonoff.

Adding the device worked first time and I am getting values from all three components (temp, humidity and battery). Is there a way to control the reporting interval? Or rather is ZHA smoothing the interval? I am getting readings every 15 mins. I am seeing on other forums, zigbee2mqtt, that the sensor is reporting a lot more frequently than 15 mins.


Why report when there is no “really” change from the sensors? This will only drain your battery.

The Xiaomi sensors (I use 9 temp/hum sensors of them) reports only by increase/decrease values. This means in some rooms I have sometimes a reporting of every 2-3 hours :slight_smile:.

You can also try to breathe your sensor. Mine then responds after a few seconds.

Maybe the Sonoff reacting the same way like the Xiaomi sensors?

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I’m looking for help on controlling the reporting interval as well.

I’m using the Sonoff SNZB-02 temp sensor with ZHA using the sonoff Zigbee CC2531 USB Dongle.

My SNZB-02 temp sensor is chewing through about 3% of the battery a day. At this rate I’ll need to change the batteries once a month.

I’m assuming there is a way to control how often it reports the temperature / humidity back?

Any help appreciated - Thanks

Did you ever fix this? I’ve experiencing exactly the same thing. These also seem to disconnect from the dongle every now and then as well :frowning:

Could be the Radio implementation. Not had an issue with Conbee II on ZHA with these devices. I have two of them.

Thanks for the reply. I moved to a USB extension cable and that has fixed everything up. I’ve since been watching my two battery %'s count up every day for the two temp sensors while it’s correcting itself.

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