SONOFF SNZB-03 and Deconz - mission possible?

I’ve been struggling with adding the new sonoff motion sensor to deconz. It turned out it’s only supported with the latest stable deconz build - .81 which finally got bumped out with the HA addon. Still no dice - the thing shows up in the VNC, but the phoscon app never adds it and it never shows up in HA! It stays like this, mostly unresponsive to cluster read requests after the initial pairing.

Has anyone had better luck? Could this be due to the fact that I did try and added it BEFORE it had deconz support? Also, it’s a zombie - even if I delete it in the VNC view it comes back every time the addon is retsarted!



I’ve got the same problem here too. Bought 4 of these little babies because of size and price, but so far no luck in getting them into Phoscon or HA though they do appear in VNC

That’s looks like support is coming soon :slight_smile:

Yes, it actually is supported but someone at Itead (the manufacturer of Sonoff) was sleeping, since they have 3 separate model ID’s for the same sensor. Especially if they call them MS01, MSO1 and ms01 :man_facepalming:

I guess a case of 3 different people in the back-office left to flash the firmware unsupervised. Two of them couldn’t read the boss’s hand writing :joy:

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It takes more than 5 weeks for the beta update to be integrated in stable and for the HA addon version to be updated btw. Just so you know.

There’s indications that this particular PR might be merged as early as tomorrow with a hotfix :wink:

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@dedepene, that would be a treat for the weekend.

Any news about this? :blush:

There was an update that added support, you should read the changelogs over at the Github of deCONZ.

I don’t use deCONZ anymore, because I had too many times the random issue that the add-on would stop and restart. So I don’t know if this sensor works as expected with the new update.

You should visit the official thread and ask there: deCONZ - Official thread

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