Sonoff SNZB-03 Showing as Unavailable

I am using a Sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensor with the Sonoff ZBBridge (flashed with Tasmota). I was able to set everything up without issue using the Zigbee Home Automation and the sensor was working for a while before I started having problems with it.

Last week I noticed that the sensor had been showing in Home Assistant as unavailable for a few days. I had to set it to pairing mode and reconnect with the bridge and then it started working again for a few days. This morning I noticed it was unavailable again.

Right now this is the only Zigbee device Iā€™m running but I was planning to add a few more over the next month or two. Iā€™m wondering if I am doing something wrong or if thereā€™s just an issue with the Sonoff sensor. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot further?

I had some of those and I sent them all back. They are very poor. Loads of false triggers etc.
I bought Philips hue ones and have not had a single problem since I installed them over 6 months ago.

I concur about the lower quality but had little issues so far. The HUE ones are indeed another level also on price butā€¦ they come with light/temp sensorā€¦worth the extra EUR/USD

Thanks. I was thinking of trying Aqara since those seem to be reasonably priced and have better reviews than Sonoff. Just wanted to make sure that there wasnā€™t some user error at play before I blamed the device.

sonoff is cheap-ish so yes you can start to blame the device although (repeating) I am quite OK with it.
No hassle often means paying for it but it is also no guaranteeā€¦
Myself, I am just trying things out: hue is really stable (twice the price), sonoff/innr ok, the tuya branded stuff both zigbee/wifi provide me more headaches.
So my advice is: use quality stuff for key sensors and there is no reaosn to try out cheapoā€™s for less critical ones

I am also using ZHA and have the same motion sensor and the same issue. My SNZB-03 is in a room which is not used much and seems to go to sleep and then reports as ā€˜unavailableā€™. However, if someone goes into the room the red light flashes to indicate motion has been detected and after that it becomes available.
I have just noticed that there is a setting in the ZHA integration which says ā€œconsider battery powered devices unavailable after (seconds)ā€ and the default is 21600 (6 hours). I have just reset this to 36 hours. I shall let you know if this solves the problem. I am guessing that when a device is marked as ā€˜unavailableā€™ by ZHA it no longer gets polled?
UPDATE: Turns out I was wrong about the timeout - increasing it to 36 hours made no difference. I then swapped it with another SNZB-03 motion sensor and the problem went away. @vingerha is correct - these are poor quality devices and unreliable.

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