SONOFF SNZB-05P can be used as a rain sensor!

A Contact sensor? Ummm…I dont think so. It’s a new water sensor!

Looks nice and golden

Already on the market haha

And works nice too :wink:

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Looking forward to get it :clap:

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I purchased a sensor and detection cable, which is very interesting. I tested it, and it worked perfectly.

The entire cable can detect leaks, making it useful to check if my small balcony is submerged. Occasionally, the drain on my balcony gets clogged, which has happened twice in the past two years. Despite having someone check it once, it still hasn’t been fixed, likely because the pipe is too small to drain water quickly, causing it to overflow onto the ground. The detection cable can cover a larger area, ensuring I don’t miss any leaks.

Additionally, I want a rain sensor. If it rains in the morning, I’ll set the alarm half an hour earlier to ensure I won’t be late.

Just like:
Scene_1: 7:30am, active alarm clock
Scene_2: 7:00am, active alarm clock

If rain detected, then enable scene_2, disable scene_1
If no rain detected, then enable scene_1, disable scene_2

BUT this cable is not easy to dry after being wet, which is not perfect for the rainwater sensor.

Since it detects water immersion through the cable itself, I guess it should be an extension of the two probes on the sensor inside. So, cutting it open should not affect its function, just like a light strip that allows cutting. So, I cut the end of the cable.

If these two wires contact with each other or contact with water at the same time, leaking will be recognized. This is very similar to the rain sensor. I think it can be transformed into a water level sensor or a rainwater sensor.

I tried and it works!

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Next, I should use heat shrink tubing or something to make the cables waterproof and prevent them from getting wet in the rainy day.

Part of the cable stays on my balcony floor to detect leaks, while the other part extends out of the window to detect rain, hahahahaha. 2 meters is more than enough for my balcony.