Sonoff switch with Tasmota turns on after wifi reconnect

Hello all, I have been having trouble with one of my sonoffs with tasmota… it keeps turning on when it reconnects to the wifi – settings: PowerOnState 3 & PowerRetain On | Here is the log (the switch was off before it disconnected):

17:40:47 MQT: Attempting connection...
17:40:47 MQT: Connected
17:40:47 MQT: tele/sonoff1/LWT = Online (retained)
17:40:47 MQT: cmnd/sonoff1/POWER = 
17:40:47 MQT: stat/sonoff1/RESULT = {"POWER":"ON"}
17:40:47 MQT: stat/sonoff1/POWER = ON (retained)

Any suggestions?

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Did you ever fix this?