Sonoff SZNB03 motion sensor stays on, even with battery out

Hi all,

I just paired two Sonoff SZNB03 motion sensors.

They have their false positives, yes… And one of the sensors stays on permanently. But when I force the state of the sensor to off via the dev tool dashboard, it just as happily switches back to “motion on” after 60 secs, even with the battery out of the sensor :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure where to look for the logging of the entry in HA where the state of the sensor is saved. Can it be the case that the ZHA integration has saved a wrong entry of this device? Can this be changed manually?



It’s a range related issue.

Close by the gateway, all is well.

On the top level of our home, it will not connect/change state.

ZigBee devices will form a mesh network consisting of “routers” and “leaf nodes”. The battery powered motion sensors can only be leaf nodes, so if you need to extend coverage you can insert ZigBee devices that are plugged in, for example smart plugs, bulbs or switches. I use a couple of “strategically placed” smart plugs - just remember they need to stay powered, or the mesh network will break down.

(You can still use them for lamps or similar and switch them on/off in Home Assistant, but they must remain plugged in themselves.)

Hope this helps!

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Hi Jaybe,

Thanks! You’re right. I have plenty of ikea zb bulbs scattered across my house. However, they’re connected to the tradfri hub, not the zigate. I have only one other router node on the zigate, where also the pirs are paired to. However, even close to this node, the pirs can’t communicate with the zigate. Forcing a route through a specific node is difficult. A thing to consider indeed.