Sonoff T0US3C x 3 in white for *FREE*

Hello HA Community!

I have “retired” 3 x Sonoff T0US3C from my automated home. I love the look and feel… but my family, the Nouveaux Luddites, just didn’t like a non-mechanical switch for lighting.

So, I’ve got these 3 Sonoff Touch in White, the single “gang” size for US/CAN, each with 3 independent relays. I don’t need to sell them, but I will offer them to anyone who wants them, just pay for the shipping.

They’ve already been flashed with Tasmota, and I will reset and update to the current version.

One of them may have an issue with the capacitive touch panel: the LEDs operate, but the touch part had stopped working. It may just need a software refresh.

I’ve enjoyed them, but it’s time for someone else who would appreciate them to have them.

Shipping to the USA or Canada.

And they are all programmed to your WIFI and you lost the sonoff barcode to pair them. It is a kind offer, but the recipient needs to know what they are getting.

If you had read the full post, you would have noted that they have been flashed with Tasmota and will be updated and at ‘factory reset’ state.

No code require. None of my info will be in the device.

Whomever wnats it will know what is coming.