Sonoff T1 2 button as switch and dimmer

Hi all
I’ve problem adding automation with sonoff T1 2 button (tasmota 8.4 and mqtt)
without modification to my configuration.yaml I can see
one device:
and 3 entities:
Sonoff-2button status (at 76%… what is it?)

the automation that I’d like to create is for turn ON or OFF or DIMMER one shelly dimmer device by pressing (or long pressing) button 1, and the same for button 2 with another shelly dimmer

Can some one help me please?
thanks in advance

Hi Paolo, I’ve managed to do this with automation and an input sensor for my TPLink bulb. I think I had to do something with tasmota to change the amount of time the button was held before it sent a hold message but I can’t quite remember what.

Hopefully it’s useful, will be interested to see what others have come up with. Let me know if you need more info and will try and work else what else I did on the tasmota side.

From what I could work out, the status is the signal wifi strength.

- id: '1592247470867'
  alias: Brightness test
  description: ''
  - payload: '{"TRIG":"HOLD"}'
    platform: mqtt
    topic: stat/backdoor/BUTTON1T
  condition: []
  - data_template:
      value: '{% set num = states.input_number.testnumber.state|float %} {% if num
        < 100 %} {% set num = num + 25 %} {% else %} {% set num = 0 %} {% endif %}
        {{ num|float }}'
    entity_id: input_number.testnumber
    service: input_number.set_value
  - data_template:
      brightness_pct: '{{ states.input_number.testnumber.state|float }}'
    entity_id: light.dining_table
    service: light.turn_on