Sonoff T1 light switch not listed in devices

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Hey Guys,
I know this is such a newby question but havent been able to find the answer any where…

I have had T1 switches installed for 2-3 years… works great… until itead pulled IFTTT which brought me to home assistant a week ago.

With the front end (UI) of HA, I have been able to sort out most of my devices though my T1 switches are not listed in devices, only entities… there for it gives me alot of limitations with automations…

Is there something I have done wrong? is this a firmware or HA issue?? is this just in my head??

It is just in your head. There is a growing misconception that you need a device to create automations. You don’t. Any automation you can create with a device, you can create with an entity.

Wow. That’s a nice dead end street answer.

Facing a similar problem. In the HA UI automation I find it confusing as well. What I expected

Switch on

At 10

Switch off

But switch is not a device…

So I found out the HomeKit bridge moves all your entities to devices as well.

Seems weird. So I am still trying to solve it in an other way. You solved it?

If you don’t have a device, use any other trigger/automation



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