Sonoff T1 or similar wall switch with wide box?

First of all can I say how much I hate that sonoff uses “gang” to refer to the number of switches and not the physical box size? UGH! It makes searches for this issue near impossible.

Does anyone have a good solution for using a sonoff wall switch where there used to be TWO or THREE switches previously in one box? (Otherwise known as 2 gang or 3 gang electrical boxes, with one physical switch per gang SLOT).

I ordered a T1 with 3 buttons/circuits but it doesn’t cover the full box and I haven’t seen any cover plates that would accommodate this bizarre situation. I do wish sonoff had gone with a decora style front plate or some such that could fit standard face plates.

Here’s an example of a “2 gang” electrical box.

“Gang” means the number of physical switches, not the space they take. I have a 5 gang switch controlling 5 light circuits in one wall box space.

My sincere apologies for being US centric on this one. You’re right that in the UK at least for switches specifically gang refers to the number of switches, not width.

Here’s some more info and some better pictures.

My problem remains, I have several electrical boxes that are “2 gang” wide and in fact another I plan to eventually put sonoff in as well that is “3 gang” wide. It is not reasonable to change out the boxes, so I need to cover the boxes in a way that looks good. The design of the sonoff switches does not allow for modular neighboring, even next to a “blank”.

I can’t be the only one to have had this problem. What are the solutions others have come up with?

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I have the same problem here in the us. Would love to use this switch but almost all of my applications are double or triple wide.

So for 2-gang boxes, the solution I’ve seen is to not use the glass faceplate of the sonoff, turn it on it’s side, and attach it to a 2-gang blanking plate.It looks something like this.

As for replacing a 3-gang box, the only solution I’ve seen is to do the same as above, then hack up a 1-gang blanking plate to go alongside it. Which personally I think looks terrible.

Both methods can be seen in this video.

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Are there 3 “gang” blanking plates?

Oh… Well that was something obvious that I overlooked :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, there are 1, 2, 3, and 4-gang blanking plates available on amazon.