Sonoff T1 Weird Fault

Hi All,

I have three of the above that I purchased about 2yrs ago to originally use with Smartthings.

Anyway I am now at the point where they are all flashed using Tasmota out of three only one works.
I have 2x 2 gang and 1x 3 gang, the only working one is a 2 gang.

All flash perfectly well and I think the issue with two of them is the power/relay board, I figured this out by placing the Touch boards onto the working power/relay board.

I’m no electronics expert but I’ve gone over the boards and made sure the soldering etc is good but still these two switches won’t work.

What they do is connect to the WiFi but never pickup an IP address and UniFI tells me that the WiFi experience is 60 % and this never changes, whereas the working switch gets 100%.

What looks like a networking issue isn’t at all, because again if I place these touch boards on the working power/relay board they work as expected and join the network and pick up an IP address.

Now the two non-working power/relay boards do work in that they power up and the relays all work along with the switches but the touch boards never get an IP…

I’m well confused at this point.

Thanks for reading,