Sonoff -> Tasmota -> HA


I want to achieve following:

Make dashboard with values of my temperature sonoff sensors. Probably the most basic use case.

What I achieved so far:

Connected sensors to Tasmota bridge (ZB-GW03), showing all sensors and values. Integrated Tasmota to HA using MQTT bridge. I see this device and its 9 entities in HA.

But I dont see any sensors. I was expecing bridge will automatically send it to HA, but this is not happening. I was trying to google some simple how to on similar use cases, but there is jumping to programming, python, topics…without any overall explanation why to do it and any overall priciples of work.

So my question is, is there any simple way, how to convice my bridge to send data to HA, so I can see sensors values there and make dashboard? Or I have to learn python programming and other stuff to do just this most simple use case?

Thanks a lot!