Sonoff + Tasmota Help or advice needed

Good afternoon needing some help with some Sonoff running tasmota. I have many basics deployed in my home but recently I purchased about 6 more from amazon. I flashed these new ones and 2 older basics with the newest tasmota FW. after deploying a few of these i noticed I could see them hitting my router and getting an ip address from the DHCP. When i try to login and access WebUI it will not load. Nor can i see them again on the router. Hassio’s MQTT borker will see them but is shows <1526921057: Client DVES_2D27F5 has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
1526921057: Socket error on client DVES_2D27F5, disconnecting.> I tried to reflash with an older version of tasmota but this did not help. I also tested all the new ones and the 2 older basics and all suffered this problem. the ones deployed are still working fine, except one i flashed with new FW.bin file and it is now offline. Have any of you seen or experience this?


maybe it’s the same problem as here:
Try to revert back to version 5.12.0 or use ESPurna

Thanks! This was 100% the problem and the solutions. I had to go back to 5.11 but all is working now.