Sonoff Tasmota latested setting for Light

Hi Guys
What’s the latest way to set up your sonoff basic as a LIGHT and not a switch. I thought new MQTT integration and not using Setoption30 1 in the console of Tasmota.
I would appreciate some direction as getting as a Light and not switch.

What hardware do you have?

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Sonoff Basic 1 and flashed with latest release of tasmota and HA on Raspberry Pi

Normal way of working would be:

  1. setoption19 0 - HA disable autodetect
  2. setoption30 1 - set as light
  3. setoption19 1 - redetect hardware

If however you don’t want to use that, you have to use a yaml statement/file;

# My bathroom mirror lights are connected using a z-wave wall switch.
# This makes the device a "switch" withing Home Assistant and therefore
# it shows up as a switch in HomeKit and Google Assistant as well.
# This little light switch solves that issue.
platform: switch
name: badkamer spiegel
entity_id: switch.badkamer_spiegel

this results in a entity light.badkamer_spiegel which can be used in Lovelace

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I was watching digiblurDIY lasted youtube videos and he was saying something about not using setOption30 1 anymore with the MQTT integration. Little confused with this now. Thanks