Sonoff Temp sensor hit brick wall


I bought 10 SNZB-02 SNOFF temp/humidity sensors (via HASS Zigbee) and was hoping they could be used to simply link to a temp controller UI to switch a heater on-off. When I use the inbuilt “Thermostat”, or “Simple Thermostat” I downloaded, the entity filed only allows me to select the Spa I have in HASS called ‘climate.spa_climate’. The SNOFF temp/humidity sensors are not added to the ‘climate.’ class and cannot be therefore selected.

I thought this would be simple… Any ideas why or how to fix?

Or perhaps these are not suitable for this application

I’m not sure if I tracking your question correctly, however have you looked at the ‘customization’ features in HA for entities? For example, here is what I am doing with a Aqara sensor:

  device_class: temperature