Sonoff TH16 update frequency


im using the Sonoff TH16 with the following code:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Temperature"
        unit_of_measurement: '°C'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('switch.sonoff_1000beb186', 'temperature') }}"
        friendly_name: "Humidity"
        unit_of_measurement: '%'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('switch.sonoff_1000beb186', 'humidity') }}"

Is there a way to make it update the sensor readings more often? as now it looks like it only sends the data every 30 minuts or more.

Did you try to add
“update_interval: 60s”

That won’t do anything, as these are template sensors which update whenever the Sonoff at switch.sonoff_1000beb186 sends an update.

The change would need to be made on the device — I don’t have a Sonoff, but have a look in its app for an update frequency setting. Alternatively flash with ESPHome or Tasmota which should give you that control.

Thanks for the suggestions, the update_interval: 60s did indeed not work.
In the Ewelink app itself there is no control over update frequency.

I would prefer to not flash it though so i dont think this is solvable then.

Ditch that useless Ewelink and go with ESPHome. I have over 10 sonoff modules, first thing i do in each new one is flash with ESPHome. Waaaaay more flexible, waaaaay more options. Think about it: with ESPHome you can connect million things on your TH16: various sensors, port expanders, tons of relays…
If you download original FW first (before you flash ESPhome) you can go back to Sonoff anytime you want anyway…

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i didnt know you could flash sonoff with esphome. I got a bunch of those smart sockets S20, but they work fine though. My moto is if its not broken dont fix it, as now i can use those sockets with google home.

I am a fan of esphome too though, for that i use the wemos d1 mini pro $2 a piece on aliexpress.

Well, if it’s good enough for you, then leave it as is, sure. It was good enough” for me, too…at the beginning. But i quickly realized that i’d like to connect more to my sonoff’s, for instance i wanted to measure pressure and humidity, too, not only temperature…
You can flash esphome to pretty much everything with esp8266 (esp8265) chip though.

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Is it possible to read the TH16 temperature sensor without flashing ESPHome or Tasmota? My problem is that I don’t want to lose Google Home/Assistant integrations.

I’ve got an NSPanel flashed with Tasmota that I want to ‘read’ the TH16 temperature.

BTW, it looks like there is a way to update the frequency of the output of the TH16/10 without flashing custom firmware.

I just need to somehow figure out how to send those commands from Tasmota on my NSPanel…