Sonoff touch switch home Assistant MQTT

Hi there, can anyone help me understand and what steps I need to do for my problem!
I have got myself a sonoff touch switch… flashed it with Tasmota and set up MQTT! Home assistant has found the switch and can control my switch with home assistant… all great!!
When I touch the switch it Physically kills the power to my smart bulbs in the living room just like a traditional light switch. What settings do I need for the switch in Tasmota, and what settings do I need to do in HA to just toggle the lights on and off and not cut the power completely!

You need to rewire the switch so that power is always applied to the smart bulb (bypass the relay).

Then control the light with an automation triggered by the switch.

Thanks for your reply… i thought you could change the option of the touch panel so it sends a MQTT request instead of using the relay without having to rewire it? That not true? Thanks

Yes you can do it that way by setting the ButtonTopic to an mqqt topic rather than 0 or 1.

This will require you to manually turn the relay on via the console so that your smart light has power. Not sure what happens if you have a power outage. Much easier to just bypass the relay.

You will still need the automation.