Sonoff usb 3 inexplicably died

I got home one day and noted my landing light didn’t switch on as I entered the doorway.

Then I noted a few similar issues. Eventually I looked at the Sonoff dongle and realised it’s utterly dead. The LED inside is red (i’m sure it was green when active?) and my VM HA doesn’t recognise it at all anymore.

I’d love to love Zigbee - but I am soooooooo fed up of it messing up time after time for seemingly no reason.

Perhaps my Synology NAS (920+) performed an update it didn’t like? Maybe it was a HA update that it didn’t like - I have no clue - logs are not exactly intuitive…
Maybe I’ll just go back to plain old Google & Alexa smart as that seems to work without recurring problems.

So i re-flashed the dongle and after a few reboots of HA & the VM container, it now works again…

It just seems so bizarre that I’d have to re-flash it - with the very same firmware it already had on it - to get it going.