Sonoff Window/Door Sensor change after 2 minutes

Good morning, everyone.
I have been searching the forum but have not found anyone reporting the same problem that is happening to me.
I have integrated some window/door sensors I had with a Sonoff RF Bridge (+ eWeLink) as these sensors communicate via 433mhz.
All OK in HA together with the integration of the SONOFF LAN hacs.
No problem at the beginning as it tells me if the door or window has been opened and so I can set warnings or alarms.
The problem comes when after exactly two minutes the sensor status in HA changes to “closed” even if the door or window is open, so it is impossible to know if any door or window has been left open.

Does anyone know what could be the reason?

I put the Debug mode and I can see this error after 2 min:

2023-10-23 14:12:10.019 DEBUG (MainThread) [custom_components.sonoff.core.ewelink.local] 100148d6db => Local4 | 192.168.**.****:8081 | None <= {'seq': 109, 'sequence': '1698063129000', 'error': 400}


Which EXACTLY Sonoff sensors are you using?

if it is the sonoff dw-rf, there is only a door open signal; no signal when door is closed or when battery gets low.

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I am not using Sonoff sensors, I am using Kerui “MC7 Small Door sensor”.
I use the Sonoff RF Bridge R2 to connect these sensors with HA.
This is the information about these sensors:

  1. Built-in antenna
  2. Operating power: 3V CR2032Button Battey (battery is not included)
  3. Transmitting frequency: 433MHz
  4. Multilayer composite design
  5. Built-in omnidirectional antenna
  6. Superior Circuit Design
  7. High performance and low power consumption
  8. Superior ABS material
  9. Working frequency: 433MHz
  10. Shock resistance: M 4.7, 1.2 M. 3.5 M,300K
  11. Transmission distance: 50-150M in open area.

I have a few of those sensors and the problem is that they only trigger when the door is opened and not when it is closed, so in order to use it again in the app, then it has to reset to closed.
The closed trigger is happening in the app/bridge and not on the trigger itself.
There is no solution to it, because the sensor do not support it.
Actually many RF window/door sensors seems to be limited in this way.

I am trying to find a script or something like that in order to get the correct status all the time…but is not easy :frowning:

It’s just not possible. You need different sensors. Sensors, which natively report two different statuses: Open and Closed.
Your sensors only send a message, when Opened. It is not a status, but an information message. They do just nothing, when closed again.