Sonoff ZBMini Extreme via Tuya Smart Gateweay - Strange Behaviour

Hi all,

I just installed a new ZBMini Extreme into a bathroom pull switch and synced it into my Tuya ZB Gateway. The mini is seen as a Switch and operates correctly via Tuya Smart and Home Assistant but the actual physical pull switch is acting up. If I pull the switch once, it will not activate the mini and turn on/off the light however, if I pull the switch two times in quick succession it works.

I don’t want to have to train my family to “double click” the light switch so is there something I need to change to make it all work correctly?

Is your light switch like this ?:


iirc, you have to change the switch type because out of the factory they default to normal rocker types like this:


(Its possible that internally, the pull switch doesn’t work the same as a normal rocker switch).

Yes, and you were right, after reading the full manual online it does default to rocker mode so I just had to pull it out again, press the button 3 times to change the switch type (flashes 3 times in response), and now it’s working correctly.

Thanks for you advice…spot on