Sonoff ZBMINI UK wiring sanity check

Hello All

I am looking to place a Sonoff Mini Zigbee into an existing 2 way switch setup in the UK and wanted to sanity check my understanding of the wiring based on what is already setup.

Current Wiring

From instructions online about how to create a 2 way switch my assumption is that the wire going into L1 (not from the other switch) is the permanent live, and the wire going to L2 (not from the other switch) is the switched live (going to the lamp)

Sonoff Instructions

Proposed Wiring

From what I had read online it does not matter which Neutral I connect to which Nin?

Any help from those with more experience to double check my understanding would be much appreciated


Yes, you got it right. Looks good.

Just, if your light has a metal enclosure and a earth connection screw, you need to bring a earth wire to it too. That goes completely apart from all the rest…

Thankfully I found both a plastic and deep pattress box had been used already and the switch itself is plastic unlike the metal pattress boxes elsewhere in the house

I put my controllers at the ceiling rose/light fitting to simplify the wiring as I don’t have neutrals at my switches

I had it almost right, in the end the switched live and perm live were round the other way but all working now and “just” fit in the pattress box


Just hoping to revive this a little. I think I have a similar setup but with 3 switches and was wondering how I can go about wiring it as it is 3 way. I’ve attached a pic corresponding to each of the switches I have access to. Do you happen to know how I could wire in my ZBMINI? I was going to use the switch with the neutrals behind it but I’m not sure where to go from here.

Thanks a lot!

Same as above, the 4 wire switch goes in the middle between the 3 wire switches.


like this, you can add endless amount of 4wire switches (also called Cross switch) inside between two 3 wire switches and it still will work.

I think my setup is similar to this, or at least this is what I have in some rooms, would you be able to help identify what goes where for this setup? Thank you very much

EDIT: I got it working, however now I have no lights in my kitchen so I assume I must have messed up the return of the live back up to the ceiling rose. How can I fix this?

  • I’ve figured out that If i remove the neutrals from the ZBMINI and terminate the neutrals together, the other room works again. But how can I get both working together?

Edit 2:Can get it working but when i flick one of the other switches it starts rapidly flickering. Not sure how to set this up properly