Sonoff ZBMini updates light state but does not switch

Hey everyone,

I am invested in the whole homeassistant stuff for roughly half a year now and I am really glad about this forum, as it has helped me quite a lot. Thanks for that.

I am having quite a strange issue with my Sonoff ZBMini that I have integrated underneath my wall light switches. Coordinator is the SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle. They were working fine for quite some time now, however since a few days multiple of them cannot be switched on or off via the web interface anymore. They do switch the (dumb) lights when the actual physical buttons are pressed though and strangely enough the web interface updates their correct state about 1-2 seconds later. Therefore I think, that the zigbee communication seems to be working somehow (at least partly?)

Is there some way of diagnosing the communication further? Or is the only way to solve this issue to simply open up all of the wall switches and reset the connection or something…?

Thank you for any tips that might help with this issue or can provide further information on this :slight_smile:

Does nobody have any clue?

One of the drawbacks of some of the cheaper and/or older Zigbee units is that they do not automatically re-mesh by connecting to a new router if their router goes down. If you know or are able to determine which device was the furthest “upstream” start with that one.

You can try the “Reconfigure” button in the device page, that will sometimes (though more often will not) get a device to reconnect to the network. The next step is to delete the device, then re-add it to the network. Depending on how annoying it is too get to, as well as your ability and comfort with working around electricity, you might try just switching the breaker that powers the device off and on to see if it will reconnect without having to go through the process of opening up the switch plate and putting the device into pairing mode.

Just as an Update, the reconfigure Button did not do anything but switching the breaker off and on again did work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: