SONOFF ZBMINIL2 No Neutral Intermediate switching wiring help. UK

Hi, I am hoping for some help to allow me to install a SONOFF ZBMINIL2 into what I think is an intermediate switching setup. I am not a total moron but simple instructions of what to wire where would be great if you are able to help.

I believe I have this setup for a landing light with one switch downstairs and two upstairs.

As as new user I am going to have to split this post into two so I can embed more images (sorry!).

The wiring in my switch looks like

From what I can gather it would be possible to wire this behind the switch with COM, L1 and L2, but I am stuck.

Would someone be able to talk me through this, ideally in terms of “your current black COM goes to L in and then L Out goes to the switch COM” etc.

Many thanks in advance, I have tried searching, but have not found anything for my setup.

If using a momentary switch would make it easier I am happy to buy one.

The other switch looks like

I wired mine into the ceiling rose on the landing. going by your pictures you don’t have much space in the box.

can’t find a diagram but this video should explain. I know the video shows a zbmini but I guess the principal is the same.

Should be similar to this installation of shelly

You might need a spacer since it looks there’s not much space behind the switch.

I am still stumped, this is my ceiling rose. Does this make it easier?

Would a Sonoff Mini Extreme Minir4 work and if so, what wire goes where?

Pick the sonoff basic r4, they don’t really advertise it but it’s capable of 2/3 way with some wire bridging on the switches

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great video, didn’t know this was possible with the R4.
I have a few kicking about will have a play with one.
only downside is the size. would need a larger pendant cup to house the r4

Thanks for that. I got very excited thinking I could solve all this with one jumper cable and then towards the end of the video got very confused when he rushed through the UK setup. I am still lost. :frowning:

Refer to the setup with intermediate switch (starting at 9:00)

I am fine with that, but then for the UK it progressed to

This is where I got lost. I guess I am moving the COM wiring somewhere?

I have it worked out. I have been totally thrown by the fact that the switched live and neutral wires from my light to the rose were the wrong way around. I was basing everything that was happening at the ceiling rose on the colours of the blue/brown from the light fitting. Once I actually tested them I found that whoever installed the light put them on incorrectly.

Now I know this then it is easy to follow this video and use a Sonoff Extreme MINIr4 in the ceiling rose. I will get one purchased.

Many thanks for all the advice and as a bonus I can now also buy a bunch of basic R4 units for other lights around the house and get those wired in correctly.

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Just a last follow up, this all went well. I was just thrown by whomever installed the previous fitting as they had all the wiring messed up and not like convention. The hardest part was getting the Sonoff to actually pair, for some reason it took about 5 attempts.

the pairing button on my zbmini doesn’t work. turning it on and off 10 times forced it into pairing mode for me.

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